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Fax Over IP solutions

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Fax Over IP solutions

Fax Over IP solutions are the fastest and most reliable technology with secure and easy to use comparing the traditional FAX machines. Software-based solutions allow secure transmission of highly sensitive documents, using standardized T.38 Fax-over-IP and G.711 Fax Pass-Through protocols. Our solution is proven to manage large fax volumes and deliver high levels of scalability, survivability, security, advanced integration capabilities and user friendly interfaces.

Interoperability and Application Integration

Our Fax solution has the interoperability capabilities with most of the IP telephony vendors like Cisco, Avaya, AudioCodes or any VoIP gateways that supports Fax Protocols like ITU T.38, G711 and G711 Fallback, SIP, H.323.and MGCP. Brooktrout TR1034 cards and Dialogic Diva Server are also supported incase Fax Boards needs to be used.

The Fax solution integrates with any third-party business application using XML, embedded fax codes, JAVA API, Web services API for .Net and JAVA clients.
We also work very closely with Microsoft to adapt any new changes from the Operating system, database, Email servers, Office 365, Internet explorer etc.

High Availability & Disaster Recovery

With our product, High availability can be achieved in different ways depending on the customer environment. It provides survivability through its unique built-in High-Availability and Disaster Recovery which ensure the integrity and availability of your fax data.

Enabling Future Proof Investments

As a completely software based IP fax server solution, it is highly scalable by simply licensing any additional modules, features, channels with no extra cost on hardware, operating system or any third-party kits. Our solution will fit into any existing IT infrastructure by preserving the current investments. We have various methods to integrate with SIP trunks, existing PBX / IP Telephony by adding no cost to the telephony infrastructure.

Increased Mobility

Users can now securely send faxes directly from an Android device, iPhone or iPad, following straightforward steps and intuitive navigation. This app is perfect for faxing a picture of sensitive documents immediately upon signature, from anywhere and at any time. The app is available for free on the App Store and Google Play.

Security Reinforcement & Improved User Experience

Users can now configure fax deletion options for zero retention, so faxes can be deleted immediately after successful delivery. This is very useful for organizations that are required to comply with strict data management security policies. Advanced traceability through an event log tab for complete fax audit. A built-in viewer in the Web client allows users to view faxes directly in their browsers without having to download files. Users can fax to different remote printers such as HP ePrint, Xerox® Mobile Print, Google Cloud print and any other printers configured to receive print jobs.

T.38 FoIP Fax Server Software

Leverage your VoIP investment and realize productivity gains immediately with secure, real-time IP fax delivered directly to employee inboxes while also protecting document privacy and facilitating compliance with regulations such as HIPAA and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Our solutions yield immediate and unparalleled ROI because it eliminates costly analog phone lines, fax boards, long-distance charges, toners, paper and maintenance. Organizations are saving tens of thousands of dollars a year with Fax Over IP solutions with cutting-edge R&D, long-standing technology partnerships, and award-winning products, we offer the most advanced FoIP solutions and IP fax expertise in the industry.

Onsite / Remote Support

We have experienced engineers specialized in VOIP & FoIP who can provide quality services to our customers. We offer below support / services to our customers.

♦ Software Assurance / Maintenance renewal

♦ Proactive auditing services to existing & new customers

♦ Annual Maintenance contract – SLA (Remote & Onsite)

♦ Implementation services

♦ Consulting on new projects