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Print Management

Print Management is a software-based print tracking and document accounting solution that reduces print expenses, eliminates wasteful printing, deploys equipment for maximum efficiency, and even contributes to a better environment. It allows you to track, analyze and, if necessary, allocate expenses for every document that any employee sends to any networked printer, copier or multi-function device.


♦ Dual Pricing:
Creates a default or primary price list, and a secondary price list that applies under certain conditions. The primary price list is used to calculate the actual transaction cost, but the secondary price calculates another cost that is stored with the transaction for reporting purposes only.

♦ Color Quotas:
Set per-user color printing page limits for printed and copied documents, ensuring that users stay within budget where color output is concerned. .

♦ Client Billing:
Enables the use of billing codes. Billing codes are a unique identifer against which specific users can charge their output jobs. Businesses that perform services on a per-client basis can use billing codes to track costs and accurately bill back to the client.

♦ Secure Printing:
Holds documents sent to print in a proprietary queue until a user releases the job via a PageCounter terminal, Release Station or MFP embedded device. This prevents situations where proprietary documents sit at the printer for all users to see until the user picks up the job.

♦ Follow-You Printing:
Holds print jobs in a secure print queue and allows the user to release the print jobs to a compatible device, even across print servers. A user can select a particular printer when they submit a print request, then use any Release Station or PageCounter terminal and redirect the job to a different compatible printer